During 2020 the lack of face to face contact with educators frustrated many parents and teachers. The problem was quality of education materials not quantity. With the right tools in their hands both parents and teachers can overcome the obstacles set before us. By  using structured workbooks that is linked to videos which explains the work learners, parents and teachers can take control of their own education. The materials presented on TpT was used by my own pupils at my school and in Life Science 2020 we have a 96% pass rate. Visit the store for more details.

Our business model is very simple: we sell beautifully designed products, and we rely on you to purchase from us. We don’t build a profile based on your web browsing habits to sell to advertisers, which is why we sell through TPT. Our website and services are designed to make your experience and our teaching materials, better.

Learner workbook

Learner Workbook

Learner’s book containing instruction and exercises relating to a particular topic.

Teachers Guide

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Guides offer extensive teaching ideas, curricular connections, and activities that can be adapted to many different educational settings. 

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are comprised of slides, which contain text, images, and other media, such as audio clips and movies to explain content.

Let’s teach together.

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