YouTube views and subscribers.

Some might get success in few months for some, it may take years. Just never give up.

Peter Koch

To get the attention of the viewers, you need to hack their minds. Think about yourself for a moment:

  • What made you subscribe to your favourite channel?
  • What was something about them that struck you?
  • How often you check their channel and why do you do that?

One thing that should be noted, is that luck IS a factor on YouTube, no matter what anyone says. For fast growth you need good original content, which is widely appealing, however for the fastest growth you also need luck.

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Getting the views right

The real struggle of most of the YouTubers is getting viewer’s attention. You might put a lot of effort in creating the video, but much less effort into promoting it. When you focus on promoting your channel, you will see impressive results.

How Many Views Does a YouTube Video Get?

If there is one question asked more than any other, it is “how many views does the average video really get on YouTube?”

Who asks?

Content creators who want to know how well they are doing, brands who are contemplating a paid campaign to boost visibility, and marketers who want to set a realistic KPI for their campaigns.

The best way to answer this would probably be to target a personal goal for the platform (what do you want to accomplish on YouTube?) and then find existing channels creating content for that same audience at the same level. You can then study the release metrics of those channels, paying attention to things like how many subscribers they have, how long they’ve been around, how often they release new videos, how they seed the videos (social sharing, blog outreach, ad buys), and the relative quality of their content, which should give you a general basis for your own efforts.

In my research I have found that in my field (education) the average YouTube Views per Video is 4,872.

How do I increase the number of views?

YouTube traffic can be divided into two categories:

Burst traffic is very short lived and dies off quickly. Examples include subscriber views and reddit posts, which you really can only rely on once, but will give you thousands of views if you hit the sweet spot.

Long Term traffic lasts for years without attenuation. The sources for these are YouTube searches, google searches, and YouTube suggested videos.

A few tips:

  • Don’t use click bait or misleading thumbnails! Although this will result in gaining more views, people will associate you for that and you will not get as many subscribers or likes because the audience didn’t get what they wanted or thought they would see.
  • Create engaging thumbnails: If your thumbnail doesn’t represent accurately what your video is about or represent it in an engaging manner, the viewer will simply skip past it, regardless of how amazing your video may be or how well you’ve titled your video.
  • Work more with your SEO. Optimize your channel and videos so that other people can easily find them. Pay attention to your
    • Tags – add relevant tags to your videos. Use tags that somewhat describe your video content.Tagging makes a difference: Properly tagging and naming videos is essential if you are going to get highly ranked for the right search terms. YouTube uses these tags! Make use of Google AdWord search.
    • Titles – this is the essential point. Firstly, because this is how you attract people’s attention and secondly this is how people can find your videos. Try to use an exciting name for your video directly related to your topic.
    • Descriptions – just with the previous two points. Descriptions do matter, never ever neglect this part of your video.
    • Close captions – yes, they do work for SEO. Google can’t see what’s in your video, but it can see the text. So, by writing a good description and adding CC you increase the likelihood of other people finding your videos.
    • Call to action – basically this will not help to get more views on your present video but it will definitely help getting more views on your future videos. Because a large number of subscribers means an increase in number of views.

Can I cheat the views?

When the video is below 300 views, the views are counted in the an old-school reloading system. This means you can play your video on a loop from a device all day long and each view will count. Fewer than 300 views will not affect YouTube’s website. This method of view counting is fine for low view counts. The leeway for abusing the system is small and insignificant. However, a view count freezing at 301 views is no glitch. YouTube database is set up to freeze the view count at 301 until YouTube employees can manually verify whether the views have been obtained legitimately. This might set you back a long way if you tried to circumvent the system. Just don’t.

Now you want subscribers, right?

Getting subscribers is a tricky thing. And it is a long process too. You can break the process up into 3 segments:

  • 0-1,000 subscribers,
  • 1,000-10,000, and
  • 10,000+ subscribers.  

The first thousand subscribers are not going to be organic and you will need to seek out people in a similar way to what you would do for any blog or website. Since this is the start of my own business, I will only cover the 0 – 1,000 Subscribers.

YouTube algorithms tend to result in a snowball effect for most channels; as soon as they see your videos are getting some attention, they will show them more often in their search results with similar videos, resulting in even more views and so on. Search out videos that your target audience are watching, and comment on those videos but don’t spam.

In addition, seek out communities on sites such as Reddit and Facebook, and start participating. Once again don’t spam, aim on providing value. In addition to getting people to check out your content where you think it could provide extra value, you will learn more about your target audience. Focus on building strong and loyal viewers base which will eventually help you to gain more views.

While doing all of this, make at least 1 video that you think is sure to trigger people once they find your channel. The reason for this is you need a convincing video as your featured video in order to trigger people to subscribe.

I really do hope that this will help you achieve your goals. Let me know what your goals for this year is by leaving a comment below.

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